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Eu sou resiliente. Eu sou brasileira

open mat - sábado, 24 de setembro

back in San Diego after a longish time away (in San Francisco for work -- more on that to come).

for now, an anecdote:

me: "What was I doing wrong?"

Professor Leo: "I'd rather tell you what you were doing right. Do you understand?" me: "No..."

Professor: "You're doing an incredible number of things wrong. I'd rather focus on what you're doing right because it's a much shorter list."

...intermission while Professor Leo (perhaps) realizes what he said might be harsh to my sensitive ears.

perhaps in an effort to lift my spirits:

Professor: "I know you're going to be good at jiu jitsu because you're Brazilian."

me (cheerfully): "Oh no, I'm not Brazilian, but my cousins are!"

Professor: "Resilient; not Brazilian." Não sou brasileira, mas sou resiliente.

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