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Green Belt Death Squad

20 de agosto

my coach and I posing for a photo
Professor Gustavo and I

And again

Apparently green belts are not a real thing*, but I'm still excited I got mine!

On Saturday, we had practice at 10:30am (we worked on a back take from closed guard) followed by open mat at 11:30am. It was an awesome open mat -- lots of friends dropping in from other gyms. After about 5 or 6 rolls, I started taking my gi off to get ready to leave, and Professor told me to put it back on. I figured he was just going to encourage me to roll one more round, but instead he rounded up all the guys and proceeded to give me and Alex (Rooster) our green belts.

(Sadly, Rooster did not stick around for a photo.)

* A friend told me green belts are a thing purely for business reasons, i.e. to reduce attrition rate among white belts. (Usually it takes 2-3 years to go from white to blue.)

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