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It Was All a Dream

Updated: Jan 8

1º de abril

My friend Sasha and I in gis
I dragged Sasha to BJJ when she visited

I was never interested in learning martial arts. I have many items on the sports-and-physical-activity-learning backlog (top of the list being breakdancing and gymnastics), but martial arts was never one…

…until February of this year. On the early morning Feb 23, I had a dream that I was back in middle school. I tried out for the wrestling team. I made the cut, and I was so incredibly proud.

You see, growing up I watched my brothers compete on the wrestling team from middle school thru college. And what a fun (though nerve-wracking) sport to watch!

Brother Robby wrestling
Robby (getting taken down, but I'm sure he got a reversal)
Brother Willy wrestling
Willy doing a move I cannot remember the name of

It will come as no surprise, I’m sure, that a girl was a rare sight on the mats. I think each of my brothers wrestled perhaps one or two girls in their careers. So I never even considered the sport as something within reach. On top of that, I didn’t want to be the “weird girl.”

GBMS wrestling team
Only girls are the managers

The closest I got to joining the wrestling team was dressing up as a wrestler for spirit day in high school.

As you can tell by my face in this photo, I felt pretty badass in my brother’s clothes (didn’t necessarily have the body image to rock a singlet in the judgmental halls of GBHS).

So when I told my brother Willy about the dream, he said “Start doing jiujitsu Kath! Never too late", I jumped at the opportunity. Within two weeks, I gave Six Blades PB a call, talked to Gustavo, and scheduled my first class.

No looking back.

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