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"No Sprinkles": 1 Stomach, 3 Orange-Flavored Defeats

16 de agosto

My first weight-cutting experience & a life lesson

There's this concept called "no sprinkles" that my brother, sister-in-law, and I dubbed to describe a phenomenon that is all too familiar to us. It goes something like this: You swing by Dunkin' Donuts to grab a Friday treat for yourself and your fiancée. Your order a plain donut with strawberry icing and sprinkles. The lady working the drive-thru says "okay, no sprinkles?" and you, dismayed and morose, reply quietly "no sprinkles..." We could probably dig into the psychology of this. Perhaps our adult selves have inner children that submit to people in positions of "authority" and for whatever reason feel ashamed to stand up for themselves and their donut preferences. To be honest, I'm not sure how prevalent the no-sprinkles phenomenon in general society, but suffice it to say:

I had a no sprinkles moment past Saturday.

I woke up a bit early to head over to Chula Vista for a weigh-in. I barely make weight and then I swing by my dojo's Saturday open mat. Directly after, I head to Bahia Mexican food in the same shopping plaza (extremely hungry, needless to say). I order 4 Rolled Chicken Tacos and one Orange Juice & Sherbert smoothie. (Indulgent? perhaps.) The cashier asks: "for here or to-go?" Standard stuff here, folks... I blurt out my default ("to-go") and then I remember I have to walk 30 minutes home (I didn't bike or drive that day), so I say "actually, for here please." I proceed to eat the delicious rolled tacos (seriously, if you're in San Diego, try them!) but start feeling pretty full after finishing the 2nd. (Keep in mind, I haven't eaten a full meal in a few days...I was cutting a few pounds...will discuss in my next post!) But I tell myself I have to just finish the food. I simply cannot ask for a takeout box after waffling over my for-here / to-go debacle. What would this woman think of my inability to stand by my decisions?! I reconsider after finishing the 3rd taco and feeling -- unsurprisingly -- more full than before ("just ask for the sprinkles, Katherine"). But I pushed through. You know where this is going: I get home, my stomach is killing me. I lie down on the couch but the feeling persists and gets worse. I proceed to Google "I ate too much and my stomach hurts" and the prevailing advice is "don't lie down." But the thought of standing up is too much.

Then it hits me. My orange sherbert comes out at once. Some resources for cutting weight safely:


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