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Two Defeats, Three Victories

17 de julho

me attempting to get side control after getting out of an arm bar
Doing something cool, about to do something stupid

me being swept (balloon sweep)
Me getting balloon swept (for the second time)

Let's start with the defeats:

I did my first jiu jitsu competition yesterday, Saturday July 16th. I lost both of my matches (but still got a medal because it was a tiny in-house tournament and there were only three girls in my bracket. Actually there were only three girls there period.)

Was I bummed about losing? I mean...a little... To put it in reverse, I would have been ecstatic if I won both of them. But I really believe you have to lose now to win later.

More than anything, I'm just so glad I did it. If I want to compete again (I do), I will know what I'm getting into. In the words of my brother Willy "Your first match is like diving into a cold lake, embrace it and remember what you've learned."

Did I remember what I learned? Sort of. My body remembered some things, like how to balance my weight defensively to avoid certain attacks and sweeps.

As for remembering attacks and techniques myself, I didn't even have the chance to try. Both of my matches were like 90% defense. I think I tried one kimura, and that was about the extent of my offense.

me and the boys
Top row from left: Edgar, Alex, me, Josh, Casey; bottom row: Marcus

Now the victories:

  1. I had an awesome time driving out to La Quinta with Casey, Marcus, Edgar, Alex, and Josh. (We even had time to go see Top Gun Maverick in between weigh-ins and the matches). It was a lot of fun to cheer on my teammates and see them in competition mode.

  2. I didn't get submitted! I lost by points both matches and somehow successfully defended four armbars.

  3. I learned so much about how to improve.

I need to learn how to:

  • avoid ending up in an arm bar in the first place

  • break grips and gain control while standing up / prepping for takedowns

  • break someone's closed guard

I also need to:

  • turn up the intensity at training. I was absolutely gassed during the matches, but even more than being tired, I was totally taken aback by how aggressive these girls were. I want to find a way to replicate that at training. I guess the boys will have to be less nice to me when we roll. It would also help to get some more girls in the gym.

  • show up to a match with three go-to attacks and three go-to sweeps that I know inside and out and that I can execute without thinking

  • before my match, break a full sweat

  • practice takedowns more realistically

  • practice standing up in general (at training, we always start rolls kneeling)

And I also confirmed a few things:

  • I (still) love jiu jitsu!

  • I am competitive.

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