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Two Stripes, No Gripes

12 de julho

me with my new stripes, my sensei, and a good friend / teammate
Casey, Prof. Gustavo, and Yours Truly

Today Professor Gustavo got back from Brazil. We had an awesome training (~8-10 of us) where we went over some guard passes and got some good rolls in.

At the end of practice, we lined up by belt order as usual. That's when I noticed the roll of tape in Prof's hands.

He said "This person showed up with a friend back in March. I thought she would be around solely to try out the sport and not come back. But here she is four months later, and her friend never returned." (never know what you're gonna get from M. Weinberg)

He gave me two stripes (he was gone for 3 months so I guess I got to go straight from 0-2 stripes for that reason); I was beaming and almost teared up (yep, I'm a sensitive one -- thankfully emotionally and not physically, given ya know...the physical demands of jiu jitsu.) To be fair, I was closer to tears when young Matteo leveled up to blue belt a few weeks prior.

Then a few others get theirs:

  • Casey gets two stripes!

  • Josh and EdBeast get another strip on their blue.

  • Dave gets another stripe on his brown belt.

I know that the philosophy in BJJ is: "Focus on improvement, and not when your next promotion is." And honestly I haven't really thought much about when I'd level up.

But still, it felt mad good.

And the first thing I did was send the picture to my brothers. :)

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